Monday, August 2, 2021

What I’m Watching: Dead Pixels

Dead Pixels: Season 2, Episode 3 “Mission” (B+)

I didn’t expect romantic developments for all four hopelessly addicted game players, but that’s exactly what we got. Hearing about Usman’s marital troubles and how he’s taken to whipping himself when he doesn’t live up to the expectations he’s supposed to fulfill as a husband was just the latest demonstration of why the other three people on this show are all single and have no lives outside of the game. Russell getting a ride home from his Uber driver and potentially having been abducted tracked with his complete ignorance about all things related to how the world works, like his willingness to sacrifice himself as the distraction so that they could finally complete the mission. Meg and Nicky were both horrified at the notion that they would have to interact with another human being, and while Nicky’s efforts to deflect conversation by claiming he had never heard of traffic were lackluster, he managed to escape into the bathroom while tricking Meg into coming outside. She fell hard for Greg, and though she went about it in a peculiar way by breaking the boiler on purpose and then chaotically preparing a six-egg breakfast, he seems to be interested, which should make for an entertaining romance given her inability to unplug. After joining a group of stalkers rightfully pegged as such by Alison, Nicky found an unexpected connection of his own with Daisy, who I didn’t even realize was played by Rose Matafeo, the fantastic star of a show whose pilot I enjoyed but never got around to finishing watching, “Starstruck.”

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