Sunday, August 8, 2021

What I’m Watching: The End

The End: Season 1, Episode 7 “Blood Sandwich” (B+)

Kate and Edie are really taking this new endeavor seriously, and they’re starting to seem a little like a famous duo from “Breaking Bad” in their cooking operation. Edie still feels as lonely as ever, as evidenced by her visit to Pamela where she felt like she was interrupting and the way that she was completely ignored by the celebrity right-to-die couple who she thought could make a legitimately strong partner for their common cause. The flashbacks to Kate’s wedding were a bit jarring and very informative, showing how she was much more aloof at the time and how Edie was evidently not the only one responsible for the strained relationship between them. Kate definitely lives her life in a much different way at the moment, and we’re seeing that in how she’s proceeding with Josh, who has different expectations of what they’ll be to each other. Oberon seemed to be having a very positive time with Scarlet, and it was only when things got intimate that he panicked and ran off. That very accepting moment was surely gratifying but also unexpected and unusual, and, while Scarlet would have been a good person to share with and who was absolutely open to complete transparency about what Oberon was going through, it’s not something that he’s ready to share in that way. Someone like Scarlet is absolutely the kind of friend Oberon could use in his life given Jasper’s complete obliviousness to his feelings and his family’s inconsistent ability to be present when he needs them.

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