Friday, August 6, 2021

What I’m Watching: Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso: Season 2, Episode 3 “Do the Right-est Thing” (B+)

This episode was wonderful on a number of fronts, and it’s great to see this show embrace social activism and see how the team rallied to support one of their own. Sam has always been an endearing heart of the show, and the joy he felt at seeing himself in the campaign was quickly burst by his father’s disappointment in him for selling out by bearing the name of an airline whose parent company committed abuses against the Nigerian people. The immediacy with which Rebecca and Keeley supported him was sweet, and having Nora there to shadow Rebecca and present the much less filtered version of the e-mail she ultimately sent made it even better. Running into Roy while she was trying to keep her busy was the exact right thing since he gave her the perfect advice, which worked wonders and resulted in Rebecca forging a legitimate and lasting connection with a girl she hadn’t really seen for six years. Ted bringing out Led Tasso had the potential to be very silly, but I’m glad that it was quick, allowed Jamie to do his first selfless thing, and even invited ridicule from Sharon. Keeley was right to bring Jamie straight to Sharon rather than trying to deal with him herself, and he made the proper amends after letting the team vent their fury at him and then demonstrating that he knew the best place for him was to be one of a group, a concept that was previously quite foreign. As a bonus, Roy’s brief appearance on his show was hilarious, and I hope we’ll get more snippets like that.

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