Monday, February 13, 2023

Round Two: Not Dead Yet

Not Dead Yet: Season 1, Episode 2 “Not a Tiger Yet” (B)

I like the actresses on this show and appreciate the chance to see them back on TV, but I’m not sure that this material is all that sophisticated. The fact that Sam has to be able to “speak Lexi” and translate basic concepts that are spoken in English to her doesn’t feel like it’s all that realistic, sort of like the lobster lunches that she puts on when the company is hemorrhaging money and her “book of chances.” But Nell is desperate, leading to her giving up her closet office to the intern who hates her and also thinks she’s an intern even though that’s not the case. Jane Marvel acting as an admittedly quite condescending motivational speaker to whip her into shape added a fun dimension to the storyline. What I can appreciate much more is the evolving relationship between Nell and Edward which incorporates actor Rick Glassman’s real-life identity on the spectrum. Pushing to get a table was a big battle, and he responded both with directness and attempts at sarcasm which she continues to digest as sincere because she gets her information on TikTok. Having Edward come with her to the bar where he was refreshingly blunt with Cricket was fun, as was how the two of them ganged up to make Nell feel like she was pushing too far when the two of them knew exactly where to stop. More moments like that will help to elevate this show and help it grow behind a thin workplace setting.

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