Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Take Three: Shrinking

Shrinking: Season 1, Episode 3 “Fifteen Minutes” (B+)

I loved the way this episode started, with Jimmy showing up to crash a date one of his patients was on where he said he was the “COO of the bedroom” and his date expressed that she “might” have to use the bathroom. Jimmy was bold to ask Paul whether he should still be driving, prompting Paul to go in for a doctor’s appointment that he wasn’t sure would work since Wendie Malick’s character was dressed in plainclothes and then pretend to hit him to show that he had passed. Waiting in the passenger seat of Gaby’s car showed that he does want to be in control of his narrative, and it was also a win that she desperately needed after trying to power through a divorce that she wasn’t as excited to get as she initially tried to make it seem. Jimmy did manage to muster up as much enthusiasm as he possibly could on the way there after getting hit by a bike, which produced a startled question about how he was already crying that hard. It didn’t take Jimmy too long to figure out that Paul was secretly helping Alice thanks to that fifteen-minute grief immersion technique, and I also enjoyed the dynamic of Sean’s presence attracting the racist neighbor who Liz did not want to be likened to even though her husband was nice at first to her. I like the friendship that’s building between Sean and Alice, and that Sean immediately rejected Summer’s attempts to come on to him when they were first introduced.

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