Sunday, February 12, 2023

What I’m Watching: The Flash (Season Premiere)

The Flash: Season 9, Episode 1 “Wednesday Ever After” (B)

I’m still a bit disappointed that this show gets to come back for a swan song while the far superior “Legends of Tomorrow” didn’t get that opportunity despite ending on a cliffhanger, and this premiere only served to reinforce that this series is starting over with a new big bad and season-long focus. We do have whatever entity is now neither Caitlin nor Frost, but it’s not clear whether she’s going to be a villain or an ally. I liked the opening that saw Chester, Allegra, and Cecile all participating as members of Team Flash, but that was just a nightmare, and now Joe and Cecile may be leaving Central City. I guess the best environment in which to be experiencing a time loop is one in which recognizing that reality will be met with scientific brainstorming and nothing more, though it did take long enough and a number of violent explosions for them to ultimately right the course. It was good to see Barry and Iris just enjoying spending time together since they’re usually both too stressed to do that, and I do hope that, even if it’s not Cat Grant, we do get some good farewell Arrowverse appearances from the other series in this final iteration of that phenomenon. I’m mildly intrigued by that red bat-signal at the end of the episode, and while it makes some sense for the Reverse-Flash to once again be the villain, haven’t we seen that more than a few times on this show? I’ve made it this far, and I can stick with this show for its final thirteen episodes.

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