Friday, February 10, 2023

What I’m Watching: Your Honor

Your Honor: Season 2, Episode 4 “Part Fourteen” (B)

Jimmy inviting Michael to his birthday party did seem a bit friendly, and it seems it was all to ensure that they are inextricably linked. It’s not just Michael who’s on the hook but also Charlie, who showed up allegedly to get a peek at a baby he should have known would definitely be sleeping. Being brought up and introduced by name to the entire crowd means that Charlie isn’t going to get away clean when Jimmy inevitably goes down. Olivia was also quite reckless in putting a recording device in Michael’s shirt collar, and it’s lucky that he found it given that Frankie pulled the other one out during his not-so-friendly pat down. Jimmy’s concern that Michael is trying to take another child from him isn’t entirely unfounded given Michael’s proven cleverness, though in that case that’s not at all what’s happening. Michael does seem a bit too eager to die, and Jimmy isn’t about to let him off that easily. I was pleasantly surprised to recognize Mark Margolis from “Breaking Bad” as Gina’s father, who she has apparently called in to help fix things because she doesn’t think Jimmy is doing a good job. Big Mo is seeing the consequences of her decisions play out in dangerous ways for her closest associates, and Eugene showing up at her door was a bold move that may or may not get him into trouble given that he’s back in a place where he truly can’t afford to be seen.

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