Friday, February 24, 2023

What I’m Watching: Your Honor

Your Honor: Season 2, Episode 6 “Chapter Sixteen” (B)

Well, this tied things together in an interesting and unexpected way. There was something decidedly awkward about Michael having his mother-in-law pick him up from the police station where he was being interviewed about potentially killing her daughter, but that just provided a helpful opportunity for the two of them to knock down doors together, with her providing the honey that his straightforward, gruff approach often lacks. We’ve seen a great deal of corruption in the New Orleans that this show has created, but now there’s a cop who is going around executing people, with his latest target the unfortunately-identified Eugene. Carlo seemed to have a slight change of heart when he heard the facts presented by Eugene following the car crash, but Eugene still ended up getting killed by someone else with a vested interest in him being dead. Carlo leaving to go meet Joey while he was supposed to be babysitting his nephew and then leaving the woman he called for sex to watch him was not a good move, and there’s more than enough Baxter family drama already with Jimmy taking out his frustrations with his father-in-law on his most loyal deputy. If nothing else, at least Fia is finding a sympathetic spirit in the priest with an open-minded view on baptism. I do worry that Nancy having Michael come straight to the police station is a trap, but this doesn’t feel like that type of show, with more than enough misery able to present itself without that kind of dramatic, conspiratorial twist.

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