Sunday, February 26, 2023

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 9, Episode 3 “Rogues of War” (B-)

I stopped watching “Batwoman” midway through its first season, before the introduction of Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder. I assume that if I had kept up, I’d be much more excited about the big reveal that this new Reverse-Flash Red Death enemy is actually none other than Ryan herself, albeit apparently with a major axe to grind with the Flash. She has assembled quite a crew, and even managed to get Mark on board because he’s still upset with Barry and company for not letting him bring Frost back to life. Working with Hartley to assemble their own ragtag band of criminals with helpful abilities was somewhat fun, though I’ll admit that it’s sometimes hard to remember these characters. Max Adler’s Jaco Birch appeared recently enough, and I’d never forget Katee Sackhoff’s guest spot, which came at the same time as Damion Poitier’s earlier appearances as Goldface. There was plenty of tension in that group, and Mark’s betrayal didn’t help things at all, but the one positive is they’re now aware of who they’re facing to some degree. Khione is turning out to be less fluffy and unhelpful that it might have initially seemed, and she certainly pushed a grumpy and noncommittal Allegra in the right direction when it comes to Chester, a romance that may have to wait to sort itself out until this final nemesis is defeated. I enjoyed the fact that Barry and Iris were able to impress a cruel French chef with their crème brûlée, if only because they had mastered it thanks to forty sessions in Flash time.

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