Tuesday, February 14, 2023

What I’m Watching: Ghosts

Ghosts: Season 2, Episode 14 “Trevor’s Body” (B+)

It’s hardly surprising to know that Trevor is all about getting anyone action, even if that’s his parents, something that he encouraged fully until he found out that all of the other ghosts were in there and watched them having sex. Tara Reid playing herself didn’t add much but did produce an entertaining moment in which he tried to trip her so that she would end up as a ghost in the house, but at least Trevor did get some closure on the fact that he wasn’t responsible for his parents’ divorce. I like that they actually spoke to him, addressing him as if he was in the room and explicitly saying that he wasn’t to blame. I liked that the ghosts have spent enough time together that Alberta was spouting off Yiddish words like “mispacha” to describe Trevor’s family, and it was fun to see how all the ghosts, especially Hetty, reacted to Trevor trying to get his parents back together. Jay’s responses to all of the ghost plans that he doesn’t fully hear are always entertaining, and he’s really doing his best in the face of very challenging circumstances. I’m glad that Isaac and Nigel were able to come to an arrangement after their relationship appeared doomed, and that Isaac continues to want to take things painfully slow even though that’s not what Nigel wants. But at least it’s better than the guy Thor suggested who really just wanted to go very fast, which was enough to send Isaac right back to Nigel without much hesitation.

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