Sunday, February 26, 2023

What I’m Watching: Abbott Elementary

Abbott Elementary: Season 2, Episode 16 “Teacher’s Conference” (B+)

It finally happened! This show deserves a lot of credit for keeping Gregory and Janine apart for this long, and for making their first kiss as intense and passionate as it was (Janine grabbing him by the lanyard was a nice touch) only to then have the two of them both agree that it was a mistake. Amber had little trouble cutting Gregory loose when he proposed an activity-filled weekend in the Poconos that wouldn’t allow her to relax at all, and I feel like Maurice is at least a slightly better fit for Janine, even if he did still get her a bag with nothing in it since that was the gift. Let’s hope that Amber steps in to tell Maurice that he’s wasting his time, though having Gregory and Janine actually start dating could end up being very awkward. I did almost forget that Jacob was gay and in a committed relationship when he met what seemed like the female version of him, but the allure was cover for the fact that the very fate of Abbott is in jeopardy with a potential charter transformation coming soon. It wasn’t explicitly confirmed as the same game, but I’m a huge One Night Ultimate Werewolf fan, and it’s fun to think that Jacob is too. Despite their best efforts to avoid getting sucked into lackluster conference conversations, Barbara and Melissa got some crucial networking done and even got Melissa close enough to her sister for her to receive that extremely important information about the charter change right before Janine repeatedly shouted her name so that anyone could hear.

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