Friday, February 10, 2023

What I’m Watching: The Last of Us

The Last of Us: Season 1, Episode 4 “Please Hold to My Hand” (B+)

After introducing two fantastic characters who we won’t meet again (save for flashbacks, of course, but I doubt we’ll have those) in the last episode, this installment brought in a new performer who’s absolutely terrific. Melanie Lynskey is a formidable part of “Yellowjackets,” and this role is completely different, putting her firmly in charge of a new world order that asserts its authority by being unforgiving. It’s really a shame that the underpass was blocked since that lengthy detour put Joel and Ellie in considerable danger and is going to make their trip to Wyoming that much longer, provided they’re even able to continue. And they haven’t even met Kathleen yet, who was willing to kill the doctor who delivered her because he made the wrong decisions about sharing information. Hiding the apparent existence of infected undead in one of the buildings is surely going to catch up with her soon, though the fact that Henry and Sam were able to locate Joel and Ellie means that they’re all now in that much more danger. I did appreciate the scenes in which Joel and Ellie got to banter as usual, with Ellie’s affinity for puns particularly entertaining. They’re also covering serious topics like how to load a gun and the weight of killing someone, an inevitability Joel wanted to spare Ellie from for some time longer even though this apparently wasn’t her first time. I think they’ll be able to team up with Henry and Sam provided everyone is willing to take a moment to listen rather than shoot first.

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