Monday, February 13, 2023

What I’m Watching: Abbott Elementary

Abbott Elementary: Season 2, Episode 14 “Valentine’s Day” (B+)

It was inevitable that the attraction Janine and Gregory feel for each other but only the two of them don’t realize is a thing would come out, and now it’s happened in a way that doesn’t allow either of them to move forward in a very productive way. It wasn’t entirely Jacob’s fault that he accidentally confirmed something Janine hadn’t suspected, but the biggest surprise was that she refused to believe it. The most awkward moment was definitely the non-reaction Amber had to Gregory’s very thoughtful and purposeful gift, while Maurice was disappointed that Janine couldn’t even say the name of the bag that she thought was just a vehicle for the real present correctly. These four are obviously in need of a partner swap, but it’s surely going to take some time for them to realize that’s what’s supposed to happen. If nothing else, at least Gary came through by spelling out “I love you” in the vending machine with chocolates when Melissa was ready to give up all hope. I’m not sure whether this airport restaurant reservations thing is real, nor am I all that confident I’d be interested in trying it out. Ava getting into learning while making Jacob sweat that he was getting fired was a fun and unexpected innovation, and I liked how she shut down the parent who wanted to complain but didn’t realize just how good a job Jacob was doing of incorporating Black History Month material into his curriculum throughout the whole year.

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