Sunday, October 5, 2008

Checking In: Life (Season Premiere)

Life: Season 2, Episode 1 "Find Your Happy Place" (F)

Like fellow sophomore NBC drama "Lipstick Jungle," I watched the pilot of "Life" and found it utterly uninteresting and truthfully a terrible show. Oddly enough, this show actually got rave reviews from some and earned a full season rather quickly, unlike "Jungle," which was more of a surprise pickup. In any case, like "Jungle," this show is no better than it was the first time around. Sarah Shahi, so terrific as Carmen on "The L Word," is absolutely wasted as Crews' partner Reese. Casting Noel Fisher as a suspect is a dead giveaway - obviously he did it. The show just isn't clever to make it stand out in any way from all the "Law & Order" franchise shows, and Crews' investigation into how framed him is still going on? The most bizarre thing to me is the addition of Donal Logue as a series regular. The guy is known for his comedy, and was one of the reasons "The Knights of Prosperity" was actually funny. He is totally miscast here, and his scene telling Reese that he'd like to have someone like her in his life one day and then taking it back is painful at best. I will not be checking back in with this show anytime soon.

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