Sunday, October 5, 2008

What I'm Watching: Dirty Sexy Money (Season Premiere)

Dirty Sexy Money: Season 2, Episode 1 "The Birthday Present" (B+)

It's so fun to have this wacky family back, even if they might be missing one of their more outlandish members in Samaire Armstrong. No worries though, the rest of them can make up for it well. I was pretty surprised by the demise of Ellen, though I suppose that's a long time coming. Her revelation, however, that Patrick will never find Carmelita, is both troubling and possibly refreshing. What will Patrick do now, with both women in his life gone? I'm amused by Clark's complicity in everything, and his dry reaction to the Darling properties going up in flames. I'm glad that this whole Jeremy/Lisa thing got to where it did and then is now over. I continue to have to accept the fact that Nick George will never be Nate Fisher, and that Nick could never throw a punch as well as Nate. Alas, the Simon-Karen affair is intriguing, especially considering how duplicitous both of them are. I did love Karen's speedy stripping for Nick as a birthday present. The opening/final scene is ridiculous in so many ways - they're just itching for ways to spend lavish amounts of money, and you have to guess which one of the Darlings is being arrested, and for what crime. I seriously doubt that Letitia had anything to do with Dutch's death, but I suppose we'll find out in time.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's more likely that Lady GaGa killed Dutch with her hotness on the Dirty Sexy Money season two preview video. Poor guy probably had a heartattack.