Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pilot Review: Testees

Testees (FX)
Premiered October 9 at 10:30pm

To say this show is the worst show ever doesn't feel like a stretch. There is not one redeeming thing about this horrendous freak of nature of a show. Starting with that immature title, there shouldn't ever have been any hope for this show. Airing right after "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" suggests that there might be some hidden cleverness or hilarity hidden somewhere in the inanity, but there isn't. Not even a glimmer of it. The two leads are so detestably stupid and the plot so devastatingly agonizing to sit through. Within moments of beginning the show, I couldn't believe it was actually real. These people just have stupid stuff happen to them because they're test subjects. What a loose, dumb idea for a show. And that's not even spoiling the first episode, which I can promise has one of the worst "surprise" endings in the history of life. I'll warn you carefully - don't watch it even if you're curious to see just how bad it is. You'll get stupider.

How will it work as a series? The preview for next week shows them getting gender-reassigned. Completely lame, predictable, and, oh yeah, almost a repeat of this past week's episode. Already, only one week into the show, things are getting cyclical? Unbelievable.
How long will it last? Cable is hard to predict, but if this network renews "Testees" after prematurely canceling "Thief" and "The Riches," I may have to stop watching TV (don't hold me to that, I do like watching TV). But seriously, this show needs to go, and I'm talking mid-week cancellation.

Pilot grade: F--


Anonymous said...

You're an idiot.
Testees is original and funny.
Prime time, recycled "sitcoms" are garbage.
I laughed my tail off at Testees.

Anonymous said...

yeah, what a dumbass! this show is funny. i guess that's the trouble with just anyone having a blog. -B

Anonymous said...

what a douche this show is funny

Unknown said...

this show was the funniest thing i have in a long time pissed they cancelled it

Luke212222 said...

what is this guy talking about that show is so funny i wish they would show it all the time. is it really canceled because if it was i would throw a hicy-fit.

anavidfan said...

I love this show, and am disapointed in its cancellation. Is it stupid? is it ridiculous? Yes I suppose, but most funny things are and it made me laugh soooo much

Anonymous said...

Abe ,

You are a moron . Its people like you that make TV suck .

Anonymous said...

Testees is the worst thing to hit television it's illustrious history. The most charming moment of the series was when on man glued his face to another mans butt. How is that funny. People who diffend this messy diaper of a show are complete idiots!