Sunday, October 26, 2008

What I'm Watching: Prison Break

Prison Break: Season 5, Episode 8 "The Price" (F)

I've never understood the need villains feel to always use brute force when the situation just plainly doesn't call for it. Wyatt doesn't need to shoot Roland right off the bat when he's spent episodes slowly torturing all the other now-dead characters on the show. Also, shouldn't he wait for confirmation before killing him? Especially because his need to shoot first results in his getting hit over the head by those dastardly prison escapees. I know Lincoln's worried about Michael's ticking nose bleeds, but I'm more worried about Lincoln's anger management issues. Sara's flashbacks to her being whipped are indeed the stupidest thing ever, and her decision not to re-whip Gretchen but instead nearly slit her throat was sort of funny and entirely uncharacteristic. What else is new on this show? Lincoln's idea to "oh, let's just ram his car like that one time" is pretty loose and clearly ineffective due to Roland's decision to ruin the entire plan with one fell swoop. We're supposed to feel sympathy for Roland, sure, but he yells at Michael to apologize when he really is guilty so I'm glad he's gone. I'm glad that someone with some cunning is trying to bring down Gretchen, though I have a striking suspicion that he's going to end up losing another limb (and probably a redhead) along the way. So now that the General is aware that the brothers and crew are coming after him, where will this show go?

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