Sunday, October 5, 2008

What I'm Watching: The Shield

The Shield: Season 7, Episode 5 "Game Face" (B+)

Claudette yelling at people is one of the reasons I love CCH Pounder as an actress. I'm really hoping that this final season can come through and score some Emmy nominations, because a measly six nominations over six years is pretty pathetic, especially for what I consider the best show I've ever seen (the commonly considered best show ever did of course only manage two nods in its five-year history, and "The Shield" managed to win an Emmy in its first year for Michael Chiklis). I'm happy to see Danny being let in on Claudette's illness, and also to see Julien really getting to be part of the Strike Team. Seeing him smile when Vic and the others busted in on him and the fake robbers was shocking - I'm not sure I've ever seen him smile liek that. The real kicker here is of course the awesome ending, which this show really succeeds in doing so well. After realizing that Olivia might not be able to be trusted, he confronts her, only to have her admit that she's in too deep. "You've come to the right guy" - wow, I love this show.

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