Saturday, October 18, 2008

What I'm Watching: Heroes

Heroes: Season 3, Episode 5 "Angels and Monsters" (C+)

They really are trying to redefine the lives of good and evil here, with Peter nearly taking off his mother's brain and Sylar being the one to step in and save her. The guest star of the week has one of those Niki-like powers that doesn't make much sense, and the fact that he puts himself into a vortex to avoid being forced to kill someone doesn't fly in my book. The return of Adam is a little ridiculous because that guy is so slippery, and Hiro should really know to keep an eye on him. Hiro killing Ando, even if he can go back and undo it, is shocking and completely out of character for him. I don't get it. It's weird that Maya finally gets herself in too deep and presumably gets killed (or at least cocooned) by Mohinder. Last season I so wanted her to get killed off and now I don't even mind her. What does excite me is where this show might be heading. Another character (Daphne) is talking to the ghost of Linderman, but it's revealed that it's all actually Murray, a.k.a. Matt's dad, pulling the strings, on behalf of one Arthur Petrelli. Good thing I didn't see the previews for this episode, by the way, because they completely gave away the end of the episode. I like the idea that they're trying to bring all the heroes together, because I've always felt this show would work better if the scattered characters were all united in an X-Men sort of fashion.

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