Sunday, October 5, 2008

What I'm Watching: Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty: Season 3, Episode 2 "Filing for the Enemy" (B)

First of all, very clever title for this episode. This show really always does have clever titles, I just haven't noticed because this is my first time watching the season live. I'm glad things are finally back as they should be, and I'm impressed by the depth of Marc's character, even if his depth is really just sort of self-interested shallowness. I'm still annoyed that Amanda has barely been in this season, though I love her and Marc's fawning over Coach Diaz. Having Daniel back in control over Mode should be great, since this show is at its best when Daniel and Betty are working side-by-side effectively. I wonder what's next for Wilhelmina (the launch of Slater 2?), although I'd be more intrigued if she was the one who pushed Christina down the stairs so as to assert some claim that Claire tried to oust her by force. I don't think it was Claire who pushed Christina, though when she told Wilhelmina that she has no idea how far she'd go to protect her family, all I could think of was, check your brakes before you get in the car.

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