Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What I'm Watching: The Shield

The Shield: Season 7, Episode 6 "Animal Control" (B+)

Wow. I can't get over these endings. First of all, this episode was so tight in its direction and execution. I was nervous that Vic's plan to sell out Shane would result in some really bad stuff going down as well as the whole situation being dragged out for a number of episodes. Luckily, this was an incredibly intense hour which actually wrapped things up with a dead Rezian and a whole new problem for the team. Shane realizing that Vic set him up and stealing the money Rezian was going to use to buy the burn box is a terrific new twist which is really going to fuel the rest of the season. I know that I keep talking about how exciting things are going to be and some might argue that they're already here, and I think that's partially true. Dutch getting exasperated and telling Billings that he really does need his help is one great thing. Claudette getting even angrier, especially her scene yelling at Ronnie, is wonderful proof of CCH Pounder's excellent skill and why she really needs to get nominated for (and win!) another Emmy this year.

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