Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What I'm Watching: Heroes

Heroes: Season 2, Episode 4 "I Am Become Death" (C)

Okay, hold on a sec. In the current future, Sylar, the only one truly bad guy on this entire show, is the lone good guy, and everyone, including optimist Claire and jokester Daphne are bad guys? And somehow Peter is an even badder guy? I understand the idea that this season is all about villains, but this just doesn't make sense. This world is way too small, with Daphne and Parkman getting together, and Nathan so easily making it to the White House with Tracy in tow. It's an intriguing future, but there's just so much disconnect and so much missing here. Peter taking Sylar's powers is a bit of an unnecessary leap, especially since, as I've said any times before, he is so powerful and I wish that the writers would run with that rather than making him seem weak. I do have serious doubts that Sylar, or rather Gabriel, would ever greet Peter like they're best friends. Even if Sylar somehow miraculous repents and reforms, Peter would never love him like a brother - maybe tolerate him, but never like him. I agree with Myles on the note that "Heroes" really shouldn't be flashing to the future so much. It needs first to establish its presence in the present and get its things in order before relying on the future all the time. All I know is that this series has done irreparable damage to science fiction ideas of the time-space continuum. The return of Adam wasn't a surprise for me, especially since he was for some reason credited in last week's episode as a special guest star. I wouldn't be shocked if he was pardoned just as quickly as Sylar and started working with the Company. I do think that might actually be a good way to go since Adam was a semi-decent character and having actual villains in the show rather than heroes pretending to villains in the future might do everyone some good.

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