Saturday, October 10, 2009

Take Three: Modern Family

Modern Family: Season 1, Episode 3 “Come Fly with Me” (B+)

This show was great when it didn’t connect its various families, so when it mixes and matches them, the result is predictably amusing. Manny and Claire’s sibling conversation was the least exciting of all the three, but still fun. Having Gloria discuss her sex life and piercings with Alex is the perfect use of Sofia Vergara’s particular talents. She’s fantastic at just talking and talking with her very distinguished pronunciation and accent. The consistently hilarious Phil trying to become buddies with Jay was another great idea. The constant cuts to the family members describing the relationship between the two of them and Jay’s rather purposeful running over of Phil’s foot when he was angry once were truly funny. It’s entertaining to see their very different ways of enjoying their model airplane flying sessions, and Phil’s ill-fated excited jog away from Jay was obviously going to result in Jay trying to knock him out somehow, but I hadn’t expected a direct shot to the face. Jay’s deadpan nature and complete lack of a sense of humor just makes his relationship with Phil all the more hilarious. The otherwise unconnected shopping trip taken by Mitchell and Cameron proved to be humorous. The turning of the tables after Mitchell’s initial disgust at Cameron’s excitement was terrific. This extended family really is a funny bunch.

So funny, in fact, that ABC has granted “Modern Family” a full-season pickup, along with its other Wednesday night entries “The Middle” and “Cougar Town.” I’m excited about the show of confidence for this series, though I can’t say I’m as happy about the other ones – as of this week, I’m cancelling my subscription to “Cougar Town” and, while I may still watch it on occasion, I won’t be reviewing it anymore.

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