Saturday, October 24, 2009

What I’m Watching: Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation: Season 2, Episode 6 “Kaboom” (B+)

It’s always terrific when the cold open doesn’t actually relate to the plot of the episode but still serves as a hilarious reintroduction to this fabulous series after a weeklong hiatus. The excruciatingly worsening list of embarrassing purchases on Leslie’s credit card just got better as it went along, and Leslie’s ultimate recommendation to cancel the credit card but to not refund any of the purchases was priceless. The Kaboom project was mildly amusing, and it did seem that there was something off with Kenneth’s nemesis Donny the Page from “30 Rock” (Paul Scheer) spearheading the project. His senseless triumphant recounting of his evil deeds on the boat at the end of the episode was pretty preposterous, but wholly in keeping with the tone of this terrific off-kilter show. Leslie and Ann really have developed a fantastic friendship, and their shared delight in talking in code about helping each other out as friends is quite entertaining. Mark’s down-to-business conversation with Leslie about getting the job done elicited her ultra-serious response that she wouldn’t go as far as killing someone, which was great, and also prompted her surprising pit-filling action that put the somehow still present Andy in the hospital. Andy’s continuing presence on this show isn’t a detractor, and it’s working pretty well. Back at the office, Jerry just seems to get blamed for everything, and Leslie’s offhand comment that they should pretend Jerry was never born was shockingly harsh but quickly forgotten. No April in this episode, but Ron really made the most of only one brief scene as he expressed his anger at Leslie and then confessed that he liked saying no to his subordinates. Some staff this parks office has.

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