Thursday, October 22, 2009

What I’m Watching: Heroes

Heroes: Season 4, Episode 6 “Tabula Rasa” (F)

Sylar’s soul-searching has really become taxing. Zachary Quinto is a skilled actor who created a compelling evil character in the first season, and therefore all of the concerned, confused looks that have recently adorned his face don’t do justice to this character that used to exist. The notion that Sylar actually thinks he’s Nathan (and occasionally shape-shifts his face to Nathan’s unknowingly) and that the real Sylar is actually trapped somewhere in Matt Parkman’s head is nauseating. This show may not have had the wrong idea introducing a host of new characters in its second season, and while many attributed the show’s downfall to the poor quality of the new characters, perhaps the real fault is that they were only temporary, and not one of them is still around now. These heroes might be better served cycled in and out like the characters and cast members on “Law & Order.” Hiro is literally just repeating plotlines from past seasons, and, while that means that we’ll get to see more of the lovely Jayma Mays, he should have learned by now that he can’t change something just by going back in time over and over again. I suppose that using his powers to do magic tricks is at least better than him and Ando making faces at a baby all episode. Peter is honestly not the white knight he seems to proclaim himself to be, and there really needs to be a big confrontation with the carnival freaks sometime soon to invigorate this show.

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