Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What I’m Watching: Dexter

Dexter: Season 4, Episode 2 “Remains To Be Seen” (B+)

Fortunately, Dexter’s car accident didn’t result in his getting caught with a dead body in his trunk, though seeing such a frantic Dexter is really quite care. Even in the past when Dexter’s secret was at risk of being exposed, he’s never been quite so much on edge. He’s not the only one, as pretty much every other character starts freaking out. Lundy has too much time on his hands to investigate the Trinity Killer, and his presence is clearly vexing for Deb, who has her own problems dealing with the men in her life. Angel and Laguerta’s relationship is hitting the rocks due to their inevitable power struggle at work, and Masuka, who’s once again being ignored by everyone, seems to be the only one who notices their rather blatant opening and closing of the shades. The most intriguing dynamic is between Dexter and Quinn. Dexter pondering over whether to invite Quinn to his wedding last year was amusing, and now the very corrupt Quinn is concerned that Dexter is going to turn him in when really, as he says, he has much bigger things to worry about than skimming a bit off the top. The as-of-yet-unconnected John Lithgow scenes are ominous and cool, especially since the show hasn’t really done anything like this before, tracking the moves of a serial killer other than Dexter as he stalks his victims. It’s a great dual dynamic, and comes at a great time, when our primary serial killer is feeling a little stretched and in desperate need of some time off.

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