Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What I’m Watching: Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives: Season 6, Episode 2 “Being Alive” (C)

This is one of those episodes that’s more of an aftermath installment rather than one in which anything actually happens or moves forward. The attack on Julie leaves all of Wisteria Lane suspicious, which is nothing new, especially when the mysterious new neighbors might be involved. It just all feels so repetitive as it’s always some mischievous new family desperate to cover up a dark secret, and another off-kilter son after Julie. Lynette’s revelation that Julie told her she might be pregnant came out of nowhere. It reminded me of a piece of advice that Jeff Bridges gives to aspiring writer Jon Foster – you can’t have a shocking event occur without any warning. There was nothing to suggest that Julie was hiding anything from her mom at all, and Lynette bursting out with the information felt very unprepared for any random. Speaking of random, why is Mrs. McCluskey’s relationship so prominently featured? She’s clearly an actor’s actor and she won two Emmys for guest acting, but there’s absolutely no reason that her rather spontaneous love affair should be a major plotline. Usually, the introductions to the episodes feature anonymous characters happening upon some event, not the credited cast members. She was a fun facet of the first season, but there isn’t much call for her to be around anymore. Her detective work with Dave made her relevant again, though now her presence doesn’t really enhance the show, especially in the way that it’s so unrelated to anything else. It’s good to have the troublesome Ana finally front and center in the action, though she’d have more of a showcase if Eva Longoria wasn’t playing for broad laughs so blatantly. That woman doesn’t really know how to share the spotlight, not that she’s had to up until this point. Katharine going crazy is the latest tragic devolvement of a great character into a crazy, possessive mess, after Orson last year. It’s a real shame considering how the character was supposed to be a replacement for Edie, and now she’s just another wacko living on Wisteria Line devoid of depth. The one truly fantastic couple is Karl and Bree, who are entertaining but discover that they have a more meaningful connection once Julie ends up in the hospital and Karl has a chance to show that he’s actually upset.

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