Saturday, October 10, 2009

What I’m Watching: Glee

Glee: Season 1, Episode 6 “Vitamin D” (B+)

While it’s certainly not plausible, the hiring of Terri as the school nurse proves to be quite entertaining and helpful in driving the show forward. Her interaction with Ken was funny, and her handing out over-the-counter prescriptions to all of the students was pretty wacky. Ken proposing to Emma comes as quite a shock, and their heartfelt conversation talking about what they would realistically expect from a relationship was pretty crazy but interesting. The background music that plays while Sue is reciting her inane, hilarious journal entries is absolutely amazing, and even an improvement on the already fantastic score in the first few episodes. This show is really unlike anything else in its sheer over-dramatization of the simplest of events, like Sue noticing Quinn’s knee quivering. The real wondrousness of this series continues to be the musical numbers. Both the male and female numbers are absolutely incredible, and every person does a terrific job. Cory Monteith and Lea Michele continue to be amazing as Finn and Rachel, and their narrations are priceless. I’m also coming around to Dianna Agron, who’s perfect as the jealous, scheming, nervous, pregnant Quinn. The episode’s end comes close to frustrating in the way that it once again presents a major, potentially deal-breaking, probably temporary obstacle for the glee club. But there’s a difference this time – it’s not some random former student or tyrannical instructor, but a regular cast member. I’m very intrigued to find out how Sue will incorporate her very bizarre ideas and outlook on life to bring down the glee club. Her particular dislike for Will and her personal knowledge of the members of glee club should allow her to have quite the unique effect on glee. I wonder what kind of musical number she’ll produce.

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G1000 said...

This episode was awful. It was totally unrealistic, and once again highlights "Glee's" main flaw: its inability to focus on any one character or idea for more than a few minutes. The way the show jumps around at an absurd pace is just insane.

And yet, the episode won me over in the end. Despite how terrible it really was, I found myself enjoying it immensely. The mash-ups the boys and girls did were amazing. And I totally agree with you about Dianna Argon, who has turned Quinn into more than just a one dimensional cliche. The highlight of the show continues to be Jane Lynch. The journal scene was flat out brilliant. And I'm looking forward to next week's episode (in which she "helps" Will with the club) immensely.

Bottom line: a forgettable but enjoyable episode. Grade B