Monday, October 26, 2009

What I'm Watching: Dollhouse

Dollhouse: Season 2, Episode 4 "Belonging" (B-)

This episode provided an interesting glimpse into the life of a fan favorite character, Sierra. The out-of-order way in which her history was unveiled and presented made it a bit confusing, though I suppose the intended effect was to illustrate Topher's connection to her and the fact that Adele was wrong about his lack of morals. It was obvious that Topher wouldn't go through with the intented permanent imprint of Sierra, and the fact that Boyd suspected what he was doing resulted in a fun interaction between the two. With a certain former FBI agent missing in action this episode, Boyd really stepped it up as he kept tabs on Sierra and confronted Echo about her sleeping pod scribblings. Harry Lennix was one of the most talented actors coming in to this show, and he's still impressing now. I'd like to see more interactions between Boyd and Paul since they're both very alike in their no-funny-business attitude supplemented by witty retorts. Sierra's back story isn't quite as exciting or informative as perhaps it could have been, mostly because it didn't shed too much light on her greatest relevance for the future of the Dolhouse. There is something to be said for featuring the supporting cast extensively and delving into what made them the way they are. It's also nice to have an episode that doesn't focus on Echo and her frequent hardwire malfunctions the whole time, and seeing her as a supporting character didn't feel wrong. Wouldn't it be great if the show was reorganized and Echo was second fiddle to the new main character, Whisky? Now that would be a great show. Hopefully this series will see more of the dearly missed Amy Acker since it's really doing horribly in the ratings and may not live past this first half of its second season. The guest stars continue to be top-notch, and Keith Carradine's appearance was terrific, just as brilliantly subdued as his character on "Dexter" but imbued with a considerably edgier attitude which fit him nicely.

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