Friday, October 16, 2009

What I’m Watching: Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy: Season 2, Episode 6 “Falx Cerebri” (B+)

“If we do this, we all go to jail.” Jax’s words seemed like his typical advice to keep a low profile and try to stay straight that the Sons of Anarchy wouldn’t need to heed but could instead get around by using their considerable connections with the law. But the almost immediate aftermath of their siege was unforeseeable. Zobelle was more than ready for SAMCRO, and his quick coordinated nod to Weston to start the shooting was a really bad sign. There’s no way that Jax, Clay, and the crew were walking away from that one. Their arrest is very startling and troubling, especially since they’ve cleverly managed to evade capture time and time again, and few of the members have actually been to jail during the show’s run (pretty much just Opie and Bobby). Now, their freedom is up for grabs, and a vigilant Hale or pee-spilling Uncer won’t be able to help them where they don’t have authority. Gemma continues to be the glue that holds every episode together even as she’s at greater risk of falling apart. Her carefree, stress-releasing shootout session with Tara was a sneak peek into her lighter side, while her threat to tear out both Hale and Uncer’s “soft hearts” was terrifyingly dramatic. Now that most of SAMCRO, except Opie of course, is in police custody, I suspect that Gemma will be paying a visit to the person who’s in Hale’s custody, and it won’t be pretty. This episode did leave me on the edge of my seat as the Sons of Anarchy were arrested, and I’m pumped and nervously excited for next week.

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