Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Top 20 New Shows of 2010: #20

My annual TV Awards, the AFT Television Awards, are given out during the summer. But this year, during both the spring and the fall, produced many impressive new television series. As 2010 closes out and 2011 begins, here’s a look back at the best new shows of the year.

#20: Caprica

This is one of those “shows gone wrong” that started out well enough, not nearly as good as its predecessor “Battlestar Galactica,” but still passable and watchable. Throughout its first season, it suffered from prequel syndrome, where things in the past necessarily have to be less scientifically advanced than in the future, and the start of the back half of season one, which I didn’t make it through, was far too obsessed with religion. A curious start that didn’t lead anywhere worthwhile, and Syfy’s midseason cancellation of the show wasn’t so premature after all.

Best Episode: Pilot
Pilot Review | Episode Reviews


Greg Boyd said...

If this show hadn't been canceled, I probably would have caught up on it at some point (just because of my love for "BSG"). But alas... it was, and your reviews (and others) make me think it's not worth watching.

My question: why 20? Why do shows like this even merit doing a write-up on?

Movies with Abe said...

Last year, I did ten. When I made my list this year, I had 17 on it and I figured 20 would be better since it's always fun writing about shows, good, bad, or somewhere in between. I accidentally left off "The Big C" when I made the list, so "No Ordinary Family" was actually #20 but got bumped off the list. At the end of the year when there's nothing on, I still like to have some content, especially if it's able to spark discussion and encourage comments!