Saturday, December 11, 2010

What I’m Watching: Human Target

Human Target: Season 2, Episode 4 “The Return of Baptiste” (B+)

It’s hard not to like Lennie James, and even with so many terrific guest stars last season, he stood out as assassin Baptiste, whose return in this episode is entirely welcome. What I particularly love is how he and Chance are both so good at what they do that watching them work together is equally as interesting and exciting as watching them work apart. I really enjoyed watching them take out all the other bad guys in the bar and then point their guns at each other. It’s also fun that Baptiste kept up his end of the bargain and took his watch back rather than take a $20 million job from a man he hated. I love Chance’s manner of speech, especially when he’s speaking to Ilsa, and how he revealed that he had thought of a way to break out her captured journalist friend in the time since she had last asked him. His syringe-assisted stabbing was pretty cool as well. Ilsa does a decent job of holding her own when it comes to undercover work, and I absolutely loved her interactions with both Winston and Guerrero. Apparently Ames was all the way across the country, and I certainly hope she comes back even though the show did just fine without her. Winston arguing that a plan was insane because he and Guerrero agreed was funny, and, just like Lennie James, it’s hard not to love this bunch, crazy, reckless, and wild as they are (and mostly because of those qualities).

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