Sunday, December 5, 2010

What I’m Watching: Human Target

Human Target: Season 2, Episode 3 “Taking Ames” (B+)

The second installment with full-fledged involvement from our two new female cast members is certainly a success. Delving so early into Ames as a client, reminiscent of “Burn Notice” when Fiona needed help and refused to be referred to as a client, isn’t a problem since it enables her to take a bit of the focus as well as, most importantly, demonstrate her loyalty to the team while nearly giving Ilsa an aneurysm. Ilsa is a fun supervisor because she’s completely out of touch with how the team gets its job done and constantly panics in the heat of the moment. My favorite scenes were her yelling into the earpiece and freaking out when the prisoner nearly escaped and started fighting Winston. It was quite entertaining that Guerrero decided to let his prisoner, the real Chicago, go and exact his own brand of revenge on the villain of the week. The best moment overall, was Chance tackling Ames’ boyfriend while he was wired to the motion sensor bomb, which is a uniquely bold and dangerous move that only Chance, who is episode two of the show turned a plane upside down to extinguish a fire, could pull off. I’m so thrilled that this show has only just begun its season as all of the cable fare is winding down and the broadcast shows are reaching their midpoints. I am heartily looking forward to plenty of fun from the new gang of Chance, Winston, Gerrero, Ames, and Ilsa and all of their adventures for the rest of the season.

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