Thursday, December 2, 2010

What I’m Watching: The Event

The Event: Season 1, Episode 10 “Everything Will Change” (F)

I’m surprised I held out this long before giving an episode of this show an F. What really did it in for me was the opening moments, where the actor playing the assassin delivered possibly the worst performance I have ever seen on television trying to act stoic and then getting upset once he got injected with the aging serum. It was pretty silly for him to get so upset considering he was ready to stick the impossibly obnoxious Leila with it only moments earlier. It’s the ridiculous enemy combatant clause that this show seems to abide by – villains and especially killers are entitled to a bill of rights that does not apply to their targets (see Carter in “Loyalty”). Along those same lines of stupidity, Leila’s sister evacuated because of the ramblings of a crazy person yet they didn’t bother to scratch her name off the wall or even cover it up? Why aren’t Leila and Sean dead by now? Well, it turns out that Leila’s father is an alien, which is a huge twist but doesn’t quite make sense if you think about it, and is even less consequential since we’ve barely seen him for weeks. This episode was centered around preventing the launch of a missile, complete with President Martinez trying to emulate the leadership on “24” by vowing to attack a purposely vague “your country,” and it wasn’t even a missile? Transporting the plane was cool, but the aliens on this show need to sit down and watch some “V” to understand exactly how hostile aliens are supposed to behave.

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