Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What I’m Watching: Burn Notice

Burn Notice: Season 4, Episode 16 “Dead or Alive” (B+)

With such a small cast, it’s to be expected that each of its members should get a spotlight every once in a while. In this episode, it’s Sam, who does bring in cases occasionally, though at a less frequent rate than Fiona and obviously Michael. Bruce Campbell is a terrific actor, and he was just feted for the first time for this role with a Satellite Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series, where he’ll compete with the likes of Ty Burrell, Alan Cumming, Martin Short, and a few others. He does a terrific job of playing Sam as a goofy character but also with some serious elements, like when he furiously shouts out “that was my friend!” during the course of the interrogation. I knew right away that partner Pete was a bad guy since actor Raphael Sbarge always seems to play bad guys who initially seem incredibly innocent, like in his season four appearance on “Prison Break.” It was also fun to see Richard Kind back as Marv in a role that had him interacting with Michael, though sadly he’s now just been gunned down by Michael’s latest obstacle. Fortunately for us (and not at all fortunate for Michael) is the fact that the latest enemy for Michael to face is none other than Tyler Brennen, played by the fantastic Jay Karnes, a.k.a. Dutch from “The Shield.” Last he was on this show, Michael pretended to put his danger in danger, and so I’m sure he’s rather angry about that. This week’s two-hour series finale is sure to be full of revenge on his part.

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