Thursday, December 23, 2010

What I’m Watching: Undercovers

Undercovers: Season 1, Episode 10 “Funny Money” (B+)

It’s bittersweet to see solid installments like this when a show has already been cancelled. The problem is that the weaker episodes were the ones airing when this show officially got axed, so having good episodes now almost doesn’t count. But I’m still watching, and it would seem that NBC assumes someone else out there is too if they’re bothering to air these remaining installments. What’s most exciting about this episode is the strong set of guest stars. It must be something about this Wednesday at 8pm timeslot, because “Human Target” also has such terrific casting for its guest roles. What was really cool here was that we got a mini-“Dollhouse” reunion, albeit of two actors who never got much of a chance to interact on FOX’s departed show. Harry Lennix (a.k.a. Boyd) was a fun choice to play Steven’s brother, and Enver Gjokaj (a.k.a. Victor) as the other guy’s brother. I wouldn’t have necessarily pictured Gjokay and Henri Lubatti, of “Sleeper Cell” and “24” glory, as brothers, but it does make a lot of sense, and I loved the duality of Lennix’s character being the one to shoot Lubatti while both of their brothers were also present. Back home, it’s fun to see Leo and Lizzy bonding, though sending Lizzy off to go on tour with her boyfriend doesn’t track too well, although it’s somewhat more reassuring because there’s a ticking clock on the show, and there won’t be enough time to fully explore that character’s potential. Another new episode coming next week.

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