Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 4, Episode 21 “A More Perfect Union” (B+)

Even without a mention of Diane’s impending judgeship, everything was certainly changing at Lockhart Gardner in this episode. Cary’s move was one thing, but it was Kalinda playing him and Will that was truly interesting. Of course, there’s little comparison to David Lee and his impossibly condescending attitude, which was especially jarring alongside Alicia’s attempt to be the civil one. The assistants deciding to unionize while Alicia was representing the coders was great, and it’s always an infuriating treat to see Mamie Gummer back as the worst’s most manipulatively ditzy lawyer, who seemed to be won over by the compromise prone judge played by John Michael Higgins, who can be seen regularly on “Happily Divorced.” I was also excited to see Fran Kranz, who Joss Whedon devotees will recognize immediately as Topher from “Dollhouse,” and who here had a decent but meatless role as one of the main coders involved in the suit. Owen’s guest appearances are always welcome, and it was shocking to hear him say that he had changed his mind about Peter following their heavily awkward meeting. Peter and Alicia renewing their vows is a big deal, because she up until this point was supporting him only politically, and I think it’s more than a bit alarming to see Alicia’s mother visit Lockhart Gardner for the express purpose of getting Will to step up to the plate and to tell Alicia how he feels. I imagine nothing will come of it, but that should count as a motive for Alicia to never let her mother see her grandkids again.

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