Friday, April 5, 2013

What I’m Watching: Revolution

Revolution: Season 1, Episode 12 “Ghosts” (F)

I know that I said I might be giving up on this awful show last week, but, sometimes, it’s more difficult to stop watching a show that’s truly terrible than one that’s just become somewhat uninteresting. This show is so reliably poor that it’s hard not to continue watching it, even though each scene and moment is more disappointing than the one before it. I was annoyed within the first few episodes with the repeated occurrence of one of the group’s members being taken prisoner and then inevitably rescued before the hour’s end, and that was the case here with Rachel, even if Randall is a newer, only partially more engaging villain than General Monroe. Rachel staying behind to soak the pendants in acid may have been productive, but there’s no reason she needed to cut it so close when everyone else had more than enough warning to evacuate in time. I’m glad to see Malik Yoba, who starred as Bill on Syfy’s recently cancelled “Alphas,” getting work, but I wish it would be on a better show than this. Miles and Nora managed to take down the entire army of Nestor Serrano’s militia commander, but Yoba’s Jim Hudson made the mistake of looking right at his wife to reveal that she was important to him, when her identity would have otherwise remained unknown, and she would have been completely safe. Of all the bad acting on this show, I’m most irritated by the performance of Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel. She delivered a formidable turn on “Lost” and here displays no signs of competence, making Rachel even more of a grating character than she might otherwise be.

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