Sunday, April 28, 2013

What I’m Watching: Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation: Season 5, Episode 21 “Swing Vote” (B+)

Leslie and Ron have competed before for the best interests of Pawnee, and it never ceases to be amusing to see them pitted against one another, fiercely fighting for what they believe in. Leslie’s battles are waged with energy and flair, while Ron’s are considerably more subtle and matter-of-fact. The scene with them sitting down to have a drink and talking about how they admire each other’s principles was terrific, and it’s one of the reasons this show is so great. Jamm’s continued appearances are also welcome, since he manages to be so unlikeable while actually becoming a gradually more bearable and believable human being, episode by episode. Tom asking Ann to break up with Mona Lisa for him was fantastic, and I loved all the stages of the process, particularly Tom offering Ann a blanket for her help, Ann getting roped into being her friend, and the suggestion of the threesome, with the different responses it produced from the parties present. I love that Andy was so upset about being kicked out of his band when he actually just didn’t get the calls about rehearsals and the performance, and his swan song was fairly decent. It’s true, he is quite good at coming up with band names. I like that Ben is once again spending a good portion of his time with Andy and April, and it’s good to see that this show is finding a proper way to incorporate Ben’s new job role into its storyline without it being too prominent.

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