Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What I’m Watching: The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project: Season 1, Episode 20 “Pretty Man” (B+)

After a handful of iffy installments, it’s refreshing to see an admittedly over-the-top episode that’s actually quite funny. Mindy’s encounter at the bar with Adam was staged in such a manner that it was hard not to find it entrancing and also not surprising when it was revealed that he was in fact a prostitute. Adam was played by Josh Meyers, who is Seth Meyers’ brother, and will be familiar to audiences from his role as Randy in the final season of “That 70s Show” and also from his sketch work on “MadTV” alongside Morgan portrayer Ike Barinholtz. Adam’s invented railroad money story was terrific, and his parting kiss at the party was impressive. Mostly, however, this episode worked because it embellished the relationship between Danny and Mindy, with the latter being so offended to have not been invited to his dinner party that she turned it into something else altogether by spitefully inviting the entire office. Mindy accidentally revealing to Alex that Danny had an ex-wife ended what was an incredibly short relationship, but it’s probably for the best so that Mindy and Danny can get together sooner. I enjoyed Brendan’s guest appearance, and I do hope he continues to recur, even if he and Mindy don’t end up being fated to be together romantically. I think this was also the most productive use of Maggie yet, allowing her to make Jeremy jealous with an Australian date after he thought that he was going to have to let her down easy.

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