Thursday, September 21, 2017

AFT Awards: Best Directing for a Drama Series

This is the thirteenth category of the 11th Annual AFT Television Awards, my personal choices for the best in television during the 2016-2017 season. Finalists and semi-finalists are included to recognize more of the impressive work done on television today. Nominees are pictured in the order I’ve ranked them.

Best Directing for a Drama Series

Last year’s nominees: The Winds of Winter (Game of Thrones), AKA Sin Bin (Jessica Jones), AKA WWJD (Jessica Jones), (Mr. Robot), Descensos (Narcos)

Emmy nominees: Better Call Saul (Witness), The Crown (Hyde Park Corner), The Handmaid’s Tale (The Bridge), The Handmaid’s Tale (Offred), Homeland (America First), Stranger Things (Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers), Westworld (The Bicameral Mind)

Semi-finalists: Chapter 7 (Legion), Citizens United (Goliath), Episode 8 (Humans), Episode 8 (The Affair), Masks (12 Monkeys), No Regrets (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Offred (The Handmaid's Tale)

Finalists: All the Madame's Men (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother) (The Leftovers), The Bicameral Mind (Westworld), All the Things (Good Behavior), Pure Peckinpah (Longmire)

The nominees:

Faithful (The Handmaid's Tale)
Late (The Handmaid's Tale)
You Want a War? (Sense8)
Thief (12 Monkeys)

Two particularly influential episodes of Hulu’s new dystopian drama stood out for the way that their searing content was framed. What was almost the series finale of Netflix’s trippy sci-fi show was also its most exciting installment yet. And one eye-opening hour of Syfy’s time-traveling show presented everything in an entirely new and adventure-centric light.

The winner:

Chapter 1 (Legion) was immensely captivating and incredibly designed, showcasing a visual story just as fascinating as its narrative one.

Next up: Best Writing for a Drama Series

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