Saturday, September 16, 2017

What I’m Watching: The Defenders

The Defenders: Season 1, Episode 5 “Take Shelter” (B+)

If there’s one thing you can’t argue with this show about, it’s that it has a solid cast. I’m not a fan of anything related to Danny Rand and his particular superhero show, but Colleen is far from the most idiotic of the characters in his world. After they realized that the lives of their loved ones were in danger, it was great to see Matt go warn Karen, Luke find Misty, and Jessica grab Trish to ensure that they would all be safe. Claire, the one who connects them all, seems to me to be the most likely to fend for herself, though we’ve seen all of those people stand their ground when confronted by much stronger and more superpowered enemies. Luke’s captivity didn’t last long, and he even returned with a hostage of his own, who proved to be difficult before stupidly trying to harm the Iron Fist, resulting in Stick cutting off his head, which was a bit brutal. Matt does seem to be getting through to Elektra, which is a good thing, though Alexandra and her buddies, including Bakuto, are only renewing and doubling-down on their efforts for world domination as they realize that the Black Sky may indeed be a defective weapon. Matt’s back in the Daredevil costume, and I like that Jessica told him the scarf looked better. With just three episodes left, I now do feel like I’m getting into this show, though I’m not as pumped about the action as I am about all the different character interactions, particularly between Matt and Jessica.