Sunday, September 3, 2017

Take Three: The Defenders

The Defenders: Season 1, Episode 3 “Worst Behavior” (B)

After finally introducing our four characters to (some of) each other at the end of the last episode, why wait a whole twenty or so minutes before showing any of them this episode? I guess that’s because Elektra, who was a pretty decent character when she was on “Daredevil,” has been reborn as the Black Sky, who seems just as skilled but infinitely more deadly. I don’t love the idea that only the Iron Fist has the power to defeat her since he’s the least impressive of all the characters on this show, but there’s no denying that him punching through her sword was pretty damn cool. With all roads pointed to Midland, Danny wasted no time in revealing that he was the Iron Fist, information that Stick had to crawl through a vent to protect, as Alexandra plainly told him that they weren’t hiding, and it turned out that all the members of the board were actually ninjas, leading to an extensive fight scene at the end of the episode. Following his lecture about privilege, Luke teamed up well with Danny, and I love that Jessica took the elevator after Matt, who she told looked like an asshole, ran up the stairs. He was able to recognize who Elektra was, which is helpful, and now we’re finally going to have a chance for these four to realize who they all are and make some productive decisions together to save the world. Let’s get started already - we’re almost halfway in and it’s time to get going.

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