Thursday, September 14, 2017

What I’m Watching: Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan: Season 5, Episode 5 “Shabbos Goy” (B+)

It’s very jarring and disconcerting to see Ray in such rough shape, and though he’s been headed down this path for a while now, in this episode he got actual confirmation that there are so many reasons to believe that he is depressed. Answering yes to every single question posed to him by his therapist was an indisputable wake-up call that, of course, is just putting him into more of a slumber. He barely reacted when Adina Porter’s Vicky pointed a gun at his head after he vomited and took the money, and then he appeared shell-shocked when her car got hit by an oncoming driver just moments later. This isn’t the Ray we’re used to at all. He’s certainly not in the right frame of mind to be providing safe harbor for the pregnant Natalie who is trying hard to get away from Doug, who isn’t just interested in having his lead actress back on set. Bunchy telling Mickey what happened wasn’t a great move, though something tells me that if anyone can get his money back right now, it’s Mickey. That doesn’t mean going after the guys that robbed him, but rather teaming up with Avi to double-cross Frank. Avi’s Israeli heritage somehow translates into a fluency in Yiddish, which doesn’t make all that much sense, and he’s also a far cry from the henchman we knew him as before. Frank doesn’t seem to be messing around, however, and arresting Bunchy in front of his daughter to get Mickey to play ball is a serious move that isn’t likely to have positive consequences.

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