Wednesday, September 20, 2017

What I’m Watching: Episodes

Episodes: Season 5, Episode 4 “Episode 504” (B+)

We learned at the end of the last episode that Merc was actually with Morning despite telling Carol that he wanted to start over with her and do things right this time, and it was absolutely worth it to learn it all over again when our three protagonists found out. As usual, Matt was cold to his former costar, and I love that Morning accidentally let slip that she used to have a thing with Merc based in the 70s, an always amusing reference made funnier by the fact that actress Mircea Monroe wasn’t born until 1982. Beverly seemed very upset and concerned about her friend while the boys could do nothing but talk about her breasts, and of course that translated to her being very awkward on the phone when she should have used her token bluntness to tell Carol what’s going on, since their friendship will surely be in trouble once Carol finds out that Beverly knew and didn’t tell her. Everything has changed now, and Kathleen Rose Perkins once again deserves the awards attention she never gets just for the physical comedy involved with accidentally putting the pregnancy test in her mouth when she went to answer the phone. The getaway at the ranch house was most worthwhile for Matt’s complete inability to concentrate and his insistence on writing on the board and then ordering lunch. The shooting scenario wasn’t as exciting, and watching them lift a pig up to rush it to the vet only to abandon it when they found out how much it would cost was far from the most worthwhile plot point of the episode.

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