Wednesday, September 27, 2017

What I’m Watching: Episodes

Episodes: Season 5, Episode 5 “Episode 505” (B+)

This show took a very long break between this show’s fourth season and its current final year, and this episode served as a way to pay tribute to actor Alex Rocco, who played Matt’s dad and passed away in July of 2015 during the show’s hiatus. There was also plenty of comedy in this episode due to the nature of Matt hearing about his father’s death, his reaction, and the incessant conversations that followed as a result. Linda calling Matt to complain about being left at Target without keys or a wallet gave no weight to her boyfriend’s death, and the two of them really weren’t nice to each other. Beverly’s inability to be understood because of her accent was funny, and she and Sean are just hopeless to resist getting into situations that drive them insane. Matt’s ultimate solution to get two prop urns with ashes was pretty smart, and watching him accidentally shower himself with the ashes while he was trying to scatter them at the beach was predictably miserable. Beverly and Sean were right to seize on Matt’s story about his father and pitch him a show that could actually work. With only two episodes left in this series, I’m not sure how much ground we’ll cover, but it does seem like a positive idea. After Carol’s expectedly terrible response to Beverly giving her the bad news about Merc, she did exactly the right thing, calling Carol in to catch Merc in a lie which he pretty pathetically just let go without offering up any legitimate human defense.

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