Thursday, September 14, 2017

What I’m Watching: Episodes

Episodes: Season 5, Episode 3 “Episode 503” (B+)

This episode made me very happy, at least early on before it was clear where things were headed. We got to know Merc and Carol at such different points in their life when they were both in power and high up at the studio, both responsible for tearing apart some of Beverly and Sean’s dreams. They’ve both fallen so much now that it’s easy to see why they might recall only the best of times. After Carol finding ventured outside of the house to buy a donut and was horrified to run into Helen and Elliot, it was sweet to see Merc show up at her door with all the food he knows that she loved because he heard how lonely she was on the phone and just wanted to be with her. Now, it could have been a happy ending, but that’s not what this show is known for, and thus we have Morning, one of the best characters on this show, back and apparently in a serious relationship with Merc, an important fact he conveniently forget to mention to Carol when he said he wanted to give their relationship another much more legitimate shot. It was fun to see Sean as the one who exploded at Tim since he often lets Beverly fight his battles, and he delivered a terrific takedown of the idiotic writer after they found out about his duplicitous casting move. I laughed for a minute or two after Matt went through all the different show ideas that he had been pitched and was disappointed to realize that playing a ghost was the only remaining option. His speech to his sons after they saw the video was pretty funny and far from on-point, which produced some hilarious visual reactions from his angry ex-wife.

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