Friday, September 15, 2017

What I’m Watching: People of Earth

People of Earth: Season 2, Episode 8 “Alien Experiencer Expo” (B+)

I had seen a preview for this episode and wasn’t sure how having an alien expo on a show that confirms the existence of aliens almost more than any other comedy I’ve seen would play, but I’m happy to report that, as usual for this show, it was a resounding success. I think the main reason for that is that all of the characters, save for Alex of course, went in with the attitude that this was research and a great learning opportunity. Author Leonard Bechdal, who Gina was a big fan of, was a fraud only because he stole his wife’s story, not because he wasn’t actually abducted by aliens. And my absolute favorite reaction came from Don, who went around to each of the booths to discuss the accuracy and ethical nature of each of the exhibits. Jeff didn’t seem very excited by Don’s gift for him, even though the White really did mean well by it. Slipping Alex an envelope with the phone number for her family was a sweet move on Don’s part, but I can only imagine that it’s going to lead to some questions when her mother theoretically confirms her very lucid abduction by aliens many years earlier. Chelsea’s pregnancy was confirmed very quickly despite Margaret’s efforts to make it seem like far from a done deal, and let’s hope that it is indeed Father Doug’s and not some alien artificially inseminated by our friends on the ship. Ozzie still hasn’t been brought back yet, and I wonder whether that’s something being saved for the season finale of this awesome show that fortunately has just been renewed for season three!

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