Sunday, September 24, 2017

What I’m Watching: You’re the Worst

You’re the Worst: Season 4, Episode 3 “This Is Just Marketing” (B+)

It’s even to forget that Jimmy actually does something productive with his life, and that people – albeit a select few – enjoy his writing. Returning to that in this episode was helpful, since Jimmy assumed it would only be good news that someone wanted to publish his book. That cover, however, and the notion that his hifalutin literature would be marketed as erotica struck a huge blow to his ego, one that it seemed he wasn’t going to recover from. Yet he opted to go in disguise with his mustache, only to be recognized immediately, and he got into it during his very well-received reading, which started with, “Take off your pants!” It’s hardly the intellectual level he wants to be on, but I think he’ll take some perverted comfort in being able to get women off with his writing. I knew it was Merrin Dungey, best known for playing Syd’s best friend on “Alias,” playing Candace, who had the hard job of convincing Jimmy that he should buy into this new sales ploy. It was sweet to see Edgar and Lindsay realize that they really do like each other, even if Edgar was just using a move on her to prove that it works. The whole idea of Vernon and Becca’s podcast is absurd, and Vernon wasn’t into his good friend Jimmy being defamed repeatedly on air. Gretchen did make an important realization, one that now has her keeping Jimmy out of her bedroom, content to stand her ground regardless of whether her would-be fiancé is actually the owner of the home.

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