Thursday, January 26, 2023

Round Two: The Last of Us

The Last of Us: Season 1, Episode 2 “Infected” (B+)

This second episode opened in an ominous, quietly terrifying way with Ibu Ratna being brought in under uncertain circumstances and then realizing the gravity of the situation. Recommending the immediate bombing of the city was a harsh decree, but one that recognizes the severity and irreversibility of what was happening. I was excited to recognize the actor who played the general, Yaya A.W. Unru, who I saw in a breakout Sundance role in the film “Jamojaya” the night this episode aired. The rest of this episode played out at a similarly slow place, with every scene highlighted by Ellie’s combative retorts. Expressing that one clue was that she didn’t turn into a monster and pretending to switch show just how miserable she is with others questioning her mental and physical state, and she was also frustrated that she couldn’t get a gun and would apparently have to throw a sandwich instead. Responding “you’re a weird kid” to Joel was just argumentative, though he doesn’t have much patience for her either. I had a feeling that Tess wouldn’t be sticking around for long since Pedro Pescal and Bella Ramsey were the only two marketed as the series’ stars, though I’m not sure we needed that uncomfortable kiss which I heard about on social media before watching the episode. Maybe it suggests there is a way to reach these undead people, but I think the more immediate concern is going to be keeping Ellie alive so they can figure out how to save everyone.

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